Enjoy the magic of the sea

Do you share our view that the place to relax is by the sea? Stunning sea landscape, private beach, sun glitter on the water, nesting birds, boating to nearby islands, catching fish, heat of the sauna. You can experience all this at our holiday homes and add your favorite seaside pastime on the list.

Seaside cottage rental

Our cottages in Taivassalo are located on islands just minutes away from the mainland. One cottage we have directly on mainland. Most of our houses are rented for the full year and in many cases the relationship lasts already for years. Three cottages are available for short-term rental including our biggest house, which is well suited also for groups and company events. You can check the reservation options under cottage availability.

Cottage rental: Petteri Kleemola
tel. +358 50 61061

Fishing tours: Henri Kleemola
tel. +358 400 404 606

Peurluoto Oy, Hakkenpää, 23310 Taivassalo